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Cake Art Products

Cake art is made for the Australian market, we take into consideration seasonal conditions. It is made firmer for strength in summer and softer in winter- a perfect consistency all year. See Hints and Tips for great ideas.


A pliable fondant for covering specialty wedding and birthday cakes. It is available in 1kg, 3kg, 7kg in WHITE or IVORY.

1) Knead small amounts.image046
2) Build up to the desired amountimage048
3) Roll out to 1cm thickness.image050
4) Seal to the cake and buff.image052
5) A 25cm log cake and board covered with 2.5kg piece of icing 1cm thick.image056

Each 7KG box contains a schedule for the recommended quantity of icing per cake. Kneading is a very important part of any cake decorating procedure. If properly kneaded the icing is easy to handle and gives a perfect finish in preparation for decorating. Your covered cake can be refrigerated. We do recommend a slow return to room temp.

Pure icing sugar is the best medium to buff and finish a cake though if the icing is a bit firm, the weather very cold and dry, confectioners fat is fabulous to assist in smoothing the corners. - if you accidentally bump the cake and make a dent you can repair this area with gentle buffing. As Cake Art white icing is very white it is a terrific base for colouring via either kneading in a paste gel style colour or air brushing.

Cake Art plastic icing is made to compliment the cake.


Made from real chocolate and ingredients. This is fantastic icing for mud cakes and tortes. It comes in 1kg, 3kg WHITE OR DARK CHOCOLATE.

SPECIAL FEATURES: This icing is very strong and can be presoftened in the microwave for a few seconds at a time before kneading. (removing tags) This icing smells and tastes of chocolate, it is mouldable and makes fantastic drapes., bows and ribbons . Chocolate Cake Art icing can be glossed over for a chocolate sheen or buffed with icing sugar or confectioner fat for a matt finish. If by accident you dent or scratch this icing it rubs off with a hot knife. The easiest of all icings to use.

This icing is coloured in red, black and green. 1kg RED, BLACK GREEN

SPECIAL FEATURES: The intensity of the colour prevents it from fading out. You can add white plastic icing to soften the
colour. Due to the amount of colour required to produce such a beautiful colour range this icing can be softer than standard
plastic icings. Pure icing sugar can be used to buff the cake and does absorb into the icing.

A pre made paste to make the most delicate flowers and
sugar craft items. 250g WHITE, IVORY, RED, BLACK, GREEN. 1kg WHITE AND IVORY

SPECIAL FEATURES: Cake Art flower moulding paste is made of premium ingredients so no need for
waiting times. You only knead the amount you require and makes the most delicate of flowers, lace and cut outs. Can be rolled paper thin and dries very strong. The items can then be air brushed or dusted to the desired colour. Paste or gel colours can be added to colour tint the paste. We do not recommend the liquid colours directly into the paste as it can make it sticky. Liquid colours are best air brushed.This paste does contain a preservative so the flowers to have along shelf life if it kept under cool and dry conditions.

This is a dry powder form of modelling paste. 500g packet.

SPECIAL FEATURE: This product is for sculpting and modelling figures and flowers. You only need to add water to make a perfect pliable paste. Plaques, scrolls, all accessories. Modelling pastes dries hard. Modelling paste can be added to plastic icing to firm the icing to make drapes and bows. You need only make the amount you wish and store the rest in an air tight container.

A blended super soft and fine powder. 500g pkt + bulk.

SPECIAL FEATURES: You need only add water to create a royal icing for piping from 00 tubes to snow. Sets firm and adheres to Cake Art plastic icings joins all your work together. You can make 1 teaspoon to 1 cup in the matter of minutes. Always use a clean ceramic bowl for mixing and keep all utensils cold. Royal icing holds it shape it is always a beautiful feature when piped in decorative lace patterns directly onto the cake. Keep you royal icing bag specified for royal icing, never use if for cream. Fat reside in a piping bag will make your royal icing collapse.

A premium blended mud cake mix to extended life and clean cut. Superb texture and taste. 1kg 10kg 25kg Dark mud mix, white mud mix coming soon.

SPECIAL FEATURES: A silky texture which will allow you to carve and shape cleanly. An extended life to allow longer for the decoration period. A dense and rich cake that you can gauge the amount of chocolate or add alcohol of your choice to enhance the taste and aroma. Always a winner at any function.

A food grade casting gel to making any moulds. 250g 1kg Casting Gel

SPECIAL FEATURES: This gel is reusable time and time over. Melts down in the microwave to a smooth consistancy and is poured over the item you wish to cast. Refrigerate until the gel is set and using the modelling paste or moulding paste make perfect sugar replicas of your favourite items. This product has a releasing agent so you never need to use oil or flour.