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Calculate Cake Mixture Quantity

To help calculate the quantity of mixture required to make a special cake you will need:

  • a recipe you have used
  • a tin this recipe fits into perfectly    

I use the Platinum mud mix and a 6? round tin. 500g mix of the mud cake fill to 2/3 of the height of the tin gives me a perfect cake height. If I was to calculate the mixture for a number 9 and 0 tin I would fill my 6? round tin with water to 2/3 of the height and count how many times to multiply my mix.

Calculate Icing Quantity

These are the recommended quantities for cake art plastic icing to cover the following size cakes:

6" (15cm)1KG
8" (20cm)1.25KG
10" (25cm)1.75ZKG
12" (30cm)2.25KG
6" (15cm)1KG
8" (20cm)1.25KG
10" (25cm)1.75KG

All fancy shapes is recommended to increase by one size.

Choose the Right Colour to Achieve Your Desired Result

Liquid colours are good in sugar icings where softer colours are desired. Good colour selection.

  • Paste colours are good in all icings for a more vibrate colour. Great colour selection
  • Powder colours are good when strong colours are required. Limited colour selection.
  • Petal dust is terrific for shading sugar flowers that have been dried
  • Air brushing is the ultimate colouring to achieve variations of colours on flowers and cakes.

A very important factor in choosing the colour formula  is the type of icing you are trying to colour, the more icing sugar the better the colour result, the more fat, the harder it is to achieve a true colour. If using margarine the yellow used will be reflected in the colour you mix in. Powder colours are advised to be broken down in a small amount of boiled water to dissolve the crystals and avoid streaking, before mixing into the icing. Plastic icing and royal icing colour very successfully..

To colour plastic icing we recommend a paste or gel colour and mix into a small amount of icing first. Then mix the small amount into a larger amount. This gives a very even effect and it is the easiest way to control the colour depth.

All colours mix into royal icing.

Experiment and mix colours, have fun creating loads of interesting effects like marbling..

Choose the Size of Your Cake

First and most importantly the choice is for style and the effect of your choice.  A cake will look different if changed from a 3 tier to a 2 tier, to add pillars or change the flowers; even a colour change makes a difference.

SIZE?. Are you serving this cake as a dessert, for a treat with coffee, or for your guests to take home???

A 10? sq cake will cut into 40 dessert size pieces. 85 coffee treats or -100 finger serves for your guests to take home, fruit cakes is preferred  for a take home gift. You will get fewer pieces from a round cake and shaped cakes. This is to be used as a guide only. Never calculate to the last piece, we advise you to be generous in your serving size. This suggested size is for very heavy mud cake & fruit cake, other cake recipes will need to be, at a minimum, doubled. You can choose to make 3 smaller cakes or 2 larger cakes  5?-7?-9?   or   6?- 10? , Both will give a coffee treat for a function of approx 100.

6" (15cm)2512
8" (20cm)5525
10" (25cm)8540
12" (30cm)12060

The Perfect Texture in Royal Icing

Royal icing is the most versitile icing used for cake decorating. Getting the consistancy perfect is very important to achieve beautiful strong piping.

Rule One: the most important issue with royal icing is to keep your royal icing bag sacred and never use it for any icing containing fat. This will make your royal icing collapse. No matter how hot the water and how much detergent the fat never leaves the fabric.

Rule Two: use a ceramic or glass bowl for mixing your royal icing.

Mix the Cake Art Royal Icing mixture on a low speed  or with a wooden spoon till soft peak form and they do no collapse. Using the back of the spoon gently fold the icing over and if it hold its shape it is ready for use. If adding liquid colour, include the colour as part of the water.Royal icing accepts all colours perfectly.

A softer mix (more runny) is used for attaching flowers, a dollup in water is great as a glue when making flowers, medium texture and a spoon flick is perfect for snow effects, very soft mix with added colours is perfect for folk art painting. Mixed royal icing can be strored in the fridge for up to a week. Place cling wrap over the top serface to avoid a crust forming. Butter, colours and flavouring can be added to make a perfect soft icing for CUP CAKES.